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Scaleable & Flexible

All d&b audiotechnik loudspeakers deliver scalability, flexibility, diversity and maximum efficiency with dedicated rigging accessories and specific paint finishes for seamless visual integration or weather protection.

Each loudspeaker features trademark d&b qualities: low weight, constant directivity control down to low frequencies, cardioid subwoofer technology and integrated flying equipment.

The mobile d&b audiotechnik loudspeakers are intended for a wide range of applications, from touring productions and sports events, to live sound, performing arts and speech reinforcement. Dedicated rigging and transport accessories to ensure easy redeployment from one venue to the next.

The installation specific loudspeakers are intended for integration within permanent installations, delivering an optimal sonic performance
and visually unobtrusive design.

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The complete d&b loudspeaker range

  • xS-Series

    • Direct radiating point source loudspeakers and subwoofers for installation applications
    • Broad range of sizes and dispersion patterns
    • Modern, unobtrusive design with special colour and flexible mounting systems

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  • xA-Series

    • Arrayable loudspeakers for installation applications
    • Point source, line source and flyable subwoofers
    • Modern, unobtrusive design with special colour and flexible mounting systems

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  • xC-Series

    • Passive cardioid column loudspeakers for installation applications
    • Adjustable vertical aiming of HF array in 24C loudspeaker
    • 24C-E column extender increases vertical dispersion of 24C

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  • E-Series

    • Wide range of direct radiating, coxial point source loudspeakers and subwoofers
    • Patented, rotatable HF horns
    • Flexible use for stand-alone, monitor or fill applications

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  • T-Series

    • Small line array and point source technology in one cabinet
    • Patented, rotatable HF horn and acoustic lens
    • Very versatile and lightweight

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  • Y-Series

    • Compact 2-way passive line array and point source loudspeakers
    • Flexible dispersion options with rotatable horns on point sources
    • Broadband directivity with extended LF performance

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  • V-Series

    • 3-Way passive medium sized line array and point source loudspeakers
    • High efficiency and broadband directivity control
    • Patented passive cardioid subwoofer

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  • J-Series

    • Industry standard, large format 3-way line array system
    • Maximum horizontal directivity control and headroom
    • Cardioid J-INFRA subwoofer extends frequency response

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  • Monitors

    • Wide selection of low profile, 2-way stage monitors
    • High performance and controlled dispersion
    • Can be driven passively or in 2-Way Active mode

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  • Subwoofers

    • Wide range of subwoofers for permanent installation and mobile sound reinforcement solutions
    • Broad selection of driver sizes 12″ upto 21″ designs for ground stacked and flown
    • 2-Way Active cardioid arrangements as well as omnidirectional configurations

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  • SL-Series

    The d&b SL-Series is an evolution; a complete system package designed for significantly sized arenas, stadiums and festivals. At first, this large format line array system may appear familiar, but look closer and the GSL8, GSL12, SL-SUB and SL-GSUB are anything but ordinary. With unprecedented low frequency extension and headroom, unparalleled broadband output, and a cardioid dispersion pattern over the entire operating range, it answers the needs of any large scale event: More art. Less noise.

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