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Tailor Made

The d&b accessories fall into four function groups: mounting/rigging, network, transport and wiring.

d&b offers more than a hundred accessories, not only a selection of universal ones but Series specific as well, that have been meticulously tailor made for purpose.

All accessories fulfill the ethos of the d&b System reality.

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  • Mounting and Rigging

    The mounting/rigging mechanical accessories are designed for setup and use within situations requiring compliance with the provisions and directives of the DGUV regulation 17 (formerly BGV C1).

  • Network

    The d&b networking and integration approach ensures comprehensive remote control capabilities, efficient audio networking possibilities and seamless interoperability and integration with other devices within a sound reinforcement system.

  • Transport

    Custom designed transport solutions to protect your investment.

    Flight cases for the ultimate protection.

    Touring carts enabling quick and easy flying of line array modules.

  • Wiring

    Adapters and breakout boxes provide a full range of options to provide ultimate flexibility.