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Precise prediction

The d&b software offers precise prediction capabilities along with advanced remote control and monitoring solutions.

Together they provide an exact simulation of the predicted performance prior to actually rigging the system, then seamlessly provide centralized remote control software solutions for the complete management of the system from anywhere within the venue.

The d&b simulation software delivers two promises: a sound reinforcement system which ensures that sound is transferred consistently to every member of the audience exactly as intended, while assessing the audible impact on the areas outside of the intended listening zones.

With these tools, the optimal sonic experience is delivered reliably and faithfully to the right ears, not the wrong ones.

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A suite of products

  • ArrayCalc

    d&b ArrayCalc simulation software accurately predicts the performance of all d&b line arrays and columns as well as a selection of point source loudspeakers and subwoofers.

    ArrayCalc models the exact performance of the system in a given space defined by the user, taking into account input levels as well specific d&b filtering options.

    All level distribution information is displayed using a 3D plot of the venue, which also maps coverage details for various frequency bands as well as broadband pink noise. This ensures that the system is within mechanical and safety limits and will perform exactly as expected, meaning system configurations can be defined before even entering the venue.

  • ArrayProcessing

    The optional ArrayProcessing function within the ArrayCalc simulation software V8 incorporates powerful filter algorithms that calculate and optimize the sonic performance of a d&b line array over an entire listening area.

    ArrayProcessing ensures that every member of the audience benefits from the same remarkable quality of sound by enhancing the spectral consistency, with a defined level distribution, to achieve a consistent tonal balance for each listener. The optimization intensifies the clarity and tonal balance of the J-Series, V-Series or Y-Series line array solutions; taking existing d&b systems to dizzying heights.

    ArrayProcessing also applies a target frequency response to different loudspeaker columns, giving each array the same sonic character and coherence, regardless of Series, column length and splay settings. All of this is achieved with a software update, available to download from the ArrayCalc page below.

     Video guide explaining ArrayProcessing further  

  • NoizCalc

    The d&b NoizCalc immission modelling software analyses the transmission of sound, and calculates the noise immission on the wider environment.

    It takes the complex loudspeaker data from the d&b ArrayCalc simulation software and models the immission in the far field using the ISO 9613-2 or Nord2000 calculation standards. Using 3D geographical data, NoizCalc overlays an accurate prediction of the transmission effects across the terrain from the audience listening area into the surrounding region.

    NoizCalc can be used to evaluate the effects of the loudspeaker reinforcement system on the local area, allowing system designers to assess any potential noise issues during the event planning stage.

     Vi deo guide explaining NoizCalc further 

  • Remote

    The d&b Remote network enables central control and monitoring of a complete d&b loudspeaker system from anywhere in the network, be it from a computer in the control room, at the mix position, or on a wireless tablet in the auditorium.

    This central access to all functions through the d&b Remote network, to group controls as well as detailed system and device diagnostics information, unlocks the full potential of the d&b system approach.

    In the typical user workflow, the d&b Remote network takes settings optimized in the ArrayCalc simulation software and applies these to all the amplifiers within the network. Fine adjustments can then be made using the intuitive R1 Remote control user interface.

    Network product listing


    The d&b plug-in module for QSC Q-SYS enables the full integration of d&b amplifiers into the control domain of a Q-SYS DSP network. Amongst others the d&b Q-SYS plug-in module provides control of d&b amplifier parameters such as Gain, Mute, Preset Recall and Power On/Off. It also reads several types of status information from the amplifiers like Input and Output Signal Monitoring, Metering, Power Ok, Amplifier Status and others. Within the Q-SYS Designer software environment these controls can be connected to Q-SYS control components and indicators enabling full system control and status monitoring on any QSC control device or through any Q-SYS control interface.

    Further product information and dowloads available HERE 

  • Downloads

    All the latest software downloads  available  HERE  including ArrayCalc, NoizCalc, TransCalc, R1, R60 & R70 driver and Dante Controller