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d&b audiotechnik operates internationally in the field of electro acoustics as a manufacturer of high quality loudspeaker systems for speech and music reproduction and sound reinforcement in public places.

d&b has become recognised as one of the leading companies in this market by combining technological developments, system integration principles, quality of construction and exceptional standards of service and support.

The company headquarters are in Backnang, near Stuttgart in the south west of Germany. Research, development, production, central distribution, marketing and product management are all based there.

Watch the video below for a close up encounter introducing the people and philosophies behind the brand. d&b welcomes you inside its Backnang headquarters to see what Made in Germany means to d&b.

Hear about the thirty five year old obsession that keeps the company true to its beginnings, committed to transferring passions however big or small; from the world’s top touring artists to venues on your doorstep. Discover how attention to detail, good humour and satisfaction drives the company forward – and why it’s one its growing family can be proud of.

Loudspeaker systems created by d&b are used globally in mobile and installation scenarios for events such as live concerts, musicals, festivals and corporate events in venues from concert halls to theatres, opera houses and convention centres; gracing everything from the tiniest conference rooms to the largest stadiums.

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