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Industry Standard

The spectrum of applications d&b systems embrace is expanded by, the somewhat larger, yet incredibly powerful J-Series: the large scale sound reinforcement solution.

With transparent, detailed audio performance, extraordinarily smooth and even frequency response, dynamic bandwidth and high power and headroom capability, the J-Series is an exceptionally good choice for far reaching sound of any style or genre.

This high fidelity Series comprises two loudspeakers, J8 and J12, providing 80° and 120° horizontal dispersion respectively. These line array modules maintain constant directivity control down to extremely low frequencies, while the J-SUB offers either cardioid or hypercardioid performance to avoid unwanted energy behind the system: all acoustically matched and constructed to be mechanically compatible in flown or ground stacked arrays.

The Series also includes the J-INFRA cardioid subwoofer, extending the frequency response
of this powerhouse system even further.

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