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not just a loudspeaker

As the name implies a d&b audiotechnik system is not just a loudspeaker. Nor is it merely a sum of the components: loudspeakers, amplifiers, accessories and software.

Right from the outset the d&b audiotechnik approach was to build integrated sound reinforcement systems that actually are more than the combination of parts: an entirety where each fits all. Every element is tightly specified, precisely aligned and carefully integrated to achieve maximum efficiency.

For ease of use, all the user definable parameters are integrated, allowing the possibility of adjustment, either via remote control surfaces or directly on the amplifiers. Neutral sound characteristics leave the user all the freedom needed to realize whatever the brief.

At the same time d&b offers integrated finance, service and support, a knowledgeable distribution network, education and training as well as technical information, so the same optimal acoustic result is achieved consistently by every system anywhere, at any time. In reality: the d&b System reality.

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