comprehensive, efficient and seamless

The d&b network and integration approach ensures comprehensive remote control capabilities, efficient audio networking possibilities and seamless interoperability and integration with other devices within a sound reinforcement system.

The d&b four channel D80 and D20 as well as the installation specific 10D and 30D can be controlled using Ethernet via the Open Control Architecture (OCA) protocol, developed by the OCA alliance of which d&b audiotechnik is a founding member.

The Open Control Architecture protocol is an open standard control and media architecture for media devices. The intention of the OCA alliance is to improve interoperability. Further information is available HERE.

These latest generation amplifiers can also be controlled through the established CAN-Bus network, which is also used to control the dual channel D6 and D12 amplifiers.

Using the R1 Remote control software, amplifiers can be controlled using Ethernet (OCA) and CAN-Bus simultaneously. The DS10 Audio network bridge interfaces between the Dante audio transport protocol and the AES3 inputs of the d&b amplifiers.


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  • Remote Network

    The d&b Remote network enables central control and monitoring of a complete d&b loudspeaker system from anywhere in the network, be it from a computer in the control room, at the mix position, or on a wireless tablet in the auditorium.

    This central access to all functions through the d&b Remote network, to group controls as well as detailed system and device diagnostics information, unlocks the full potential of the d&b system approach.

    In the typical user workflow, the d&b Remote network takes settings optimized in the ArrayCalc simulation software and applies these to all the amplifiers within the network. Fine adjustments can then be made using the intuitive R1 Remote control user interface.

  • Audio networking

    The benefits for a networked audio approach are clear: less cabling, efficient infrastructure, improved interoperability and simple routing. But networking means more to d&b than just an audio transport solution. d&b systems can receive audio via Ethernet through the Dante transport protocol using the DS10 Audio network bridge.

    This 1 RU device provides 16 AES3 outputs, 4 AES3 inputs and an integrated 5-port switch providing advanced functions such as redundancy, VLANs and multicast filtering. The four channel d&b amplifiers are controlled using the Open Control Architecture protocol (OCA) via Ethernet. Using the DS10, remote control data and audio signals are transported using a single network cable. Convenient audio networking ensuring Dante enabled devices integrate seamlessly with the d&b system approach.

    Channel routing for Dante audio transport networking is done within the Dante Controller software, available to download here. d&b amplifiers are controlled using the R1 Remote control software via the d&b Remote network. Further information is available here.

  • Integration

    A media control system can manage audio, video and lighting from one control unit and typically consists of a control unit and at least one user interface such as a touch panel.

    Media control modules are comparable to templates. Designed to reduce the programming effort, the integrator can concentrate on the needs of the user. d&b audiotechnik has collaborated with media control manufacturers to offer control modules.