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DS20 audio network bridgeZ4011

The DS20 Audio network bridge interfaces between Milan networks and AES3 digital audio signals, while also providing distribution of Ethernet control data. This 1 RU device integrates directly into the d&b system approach, positioned in front of the amplifiers within the signal chain, and is ideally suited to both mobile and installation environments. The DS20 sends metadata including Milan channel labels and cabling information via the AES3 channel stream to the d&b four channel amplifiers. As well as providing an interface from the Milan audio network to the digital inputs of the d&b amplifiers via Ethernet, the DS20 provides four digital AES3 input channels for applications such as a break in from a Front of House console.

The DS20 incorporates a fully AVB-enabled integrated 5-port switch, offering a primary and redundant network for the Milan protocol. This provides extended connectivity for a laptop to control the d&b amplifiers using the R1 Remote control software via the OCA (Open Control Architecture) protocol. Using the DS20 Audio network bridge, audio signals and remote control data can be combined using a single Ethernet cable. The front panel of the DS20 is designed to match the I/O panel of the d&b Touring rack assemblies. This ensures a simple integration within existing system configurations. The DS20 features a power supply suitable for mains voltages 100 V – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, with Overvoltage protection of up to 400 V.

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