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d&b MAX2 monitorZ1120

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The 2-way passive MAX2 loudspeaker houses a 15” LF driver and a coaxially mounted 1.4” HF compression driver and achieves 75° conical constant directivity dispersion. The driver arrangement uses a single magnet assembly, allowing for a compact cabinet design with a low profile for strict visual demands.

The MAX2 provides a broad variety of deployment possibilities, whether used individually as a stage monitor; as a stand-alone full range system or, when combined with d&b subwoofers, as a drumfill.

The loudspeaker cabinet is constructed in marine plywood with an impact resistant paint finish. Four M10 threaded inserts allow connection to a flying bracket. The cabinet incorporates a pair of recessed grips for handling, while the front is protected by a rigid metal grill backed with an acoustically transparent foam. A pole mount is incorporated into one of the side panels. Two runners recessed in the bottom panel protect the cabinet from scratching and prevents movement.

Technical details
Frequency responce (-5 dB standard) 55 Hz - 20 kHz4
Max. Sound pressure (1m, free field) With D6 131 dB - With D12/D80 135 dB
Nominal dispersion angle (h x v) 75°
Dimensions (H x W x D) 354 x 580 x 496 mm2
Weight 23 kg

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