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Networking & Control Workshop


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In the modern era it is almost impossible to get by in the world without understanding basic computer networking and system data interconnection protocols. The latest audio mixing desks, amplifiers and processing devices all invariably include methods of remote control and monitoring requiring an audio expert to also be a networking expert! This course is suitable for anyone involved in live audio using modern digital systems.


In this course you will learn the techniques used by audio system engineers at SFL to interface and control modern audio systems from leading manufacturers such as d&b audiotechnik. We will start by teaching the classic OSI 7 Layer Network Model and built toward a practical understanding of networking principles for control and signal transport applied to live audio systems.

This course will familiarise students with speaker system control protocols from d&b (R1 Remote). We will also cover audio transport protocols and along the way we will be discussing TCP/IP, EtherSound, Audinate Dante, AES/EBU, AES50, MADI, REAC and Can-Bus.


  • Understanding the OSI 7 Layer Network Model
  • What is TCP/IP: what is an IP address and that pesky netmask? What is a MAC address?
  • Using wireless control in the real world
  • Why go digital AES/EBU for Audio transport? Examples and limitations.
  • Using d&b R1 control software to configure and control D6, D12 and EPAC Amplifiers
  • Contrasting Roland’s REAC, Auvitran EtherSound, Audinate Dante, MADI and Midas/KT AES50 protocols for stagebox to console transport.
  • Using digital audio splits for monitor and FOH consoles. Understanding Gain Compensation.
  • REAC, Ethersound and Dante Virtual Soundcard Live Recording demonstrations. Doing the Virtual Soundcheck.
  • Contrasting Can-Bus and Ethernet for amplifier control and monitoring


This is not an acoustics or sound systems design course. The focus will be on the networking, interconnection and control of audio systems. A good knowledge of the material in the Line Array Theory and Line Array Practice and Rigging Courses will be beneficial as will basic operational experience of any of the digital consoles in use today.

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Cost  £30 per person (inc. VAT)