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Mix Techniques: Mixing for Musical Theatre


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Live mix engineers, recording engineers, theatre engineers. Anyone involved in mixing bands in theatrical contexts looking to developed advanced skills and techniques, taking their mixing to the next level.


This course covers a range of topics around live mixing skills and techniques, with practical demonstrations and hands-on practice in a multi-track environment. The focus of this course will be specifically on mixing for musical theatre, from the school play or community theatre productions through to pantomime or full blown musical productions with live orchestras and large ensemble casts.

Part 1: The Basics (Morning)

The objective will be to gain a better understanding of live mixing consoles. We will assume nothing and start from scratch. Beginners can come to learn and the more experienced can come with questions. We will also learn how to develop team work with musicians.

  • Mixing Console review: What do all the knobs do?
  • Essential mics and mic techniques
  • Understanding gain structure
  • Using EQ, What sounds good on what?
  • Using subgroups
  • Using matrix feeds
  • Sound checks and how to run them
  • An approach to mixing (using your “head sound”)
  • Mixing for energy and controlling SPL. Using meters.
  • Running monitors from FOH, the do’s and dont’s
  • Tricks to keep your musicians happy
  • Tricks to get more from your mixer
  • Mixing full bands

Part 2: Going Deeper (Afternoon)

In ‘The Mix Part I’ we learnt how to achieve a solid, intelligible sound using the basic facilities available to us on a standard mixing desk. In Part II we will hook into more advanced processing typically built into modern digital mixing consoles or analogue outboard racks and look at mixing with effects. We will also go in depth to look at console setup, including specific management techniques for complex musical ensembles. In this session we will demonstrate the following:

  • What are VCA’s? Is a VCA desk better?
  • System EQ, who needs it?
  • Dynamic control using compressors
  • Using Reverb
  • Using Delay effects
  • Using Gates
  • Console setup and management for musical theatre
  • Using groups
  • Using scenes and safes
  • Mic techniques for musical theatre


There are no prerequisites for this course, however students may find that some prior experience of mixing desks and live audio mixing would be helpful.

How to book

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Cost  £30 per person (inc. VAT)