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Line Array Theory & Design


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This course is aimed at more experienced sound engineers and systems engineers wanting to expand their knowledge of high-end audio system design.


This course covers the theory behind professional line array loudspeaker solutions from d&b audiotechnik. We will cover everything you need to know in order to understand the deployment of Line Array Speaker Systems. This course will be based around case studies, principles and examples using:

  • d&b T Series
  • d&b Y Series
  • d&b V Series
  • d&b J Series

Students will learn how to use the d&b ArrayCalc software tool to model basic venue spaces and deploy systems.


  • Review of traditional PA systems and clusters
  • Review of dispersion rules, pattern control and SPL efficiency
  • Review of best practices with speaker system design
  • Understanding Line Array Theory
  • Spherical and cylindrical wave front models
  • Introducing the d&b audiotechnik line array speaker systems
  • Investigating real world line array designs
  • Plotting and calculating SPL distribution with d&b ArrayCalc
  • Introduction to d&b ArrayProcessing


There are no required prerequisites for this course but students will find the ‘Acoustics for Live Sound Engineers’ course a helpful introduction to the topic.

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Cost  £30 per person (inc. VAT)